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Name Wataru Hoshi
Age 15 (August 8th)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type A
First Appearence Star Trigon
Latest Appearence Mr. Driller Drill Land
Race Asian
"Roger That!"
—Wataru Hoshi

Wataru Hoshi is a member of the Star Trigon Team and is the main central character of Star Trigon, a spinoff of the Mr. Driller series. He is a Japanese teenager always ready for action. He enjoys feasting on Mille Crepes.


Much like Susumu Hori in the Mr. Driller series, Wataru is considered the "balanced" character of Star Trigon, with average air consumption, starting speed, and acceleration rate.


  • His name in Japanese (Hoshi Wataru) means "Across the star(s)."

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