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Name Wataru Hoshi
Age 15 (August 8th)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type A
First Appearence Star Trigon
Latest Appearence Mr. Driller Drill Land
Race Asian
"Roger That!"
—Wataru Hoshi

Wataru Hoshi is a member of the Star Trigon Team and is the main central character of Star Trigon, a spinoff of the Mr. Driller series. He is a Japanese teenager always ready for action. He enjoys feasting on Mille Crepes.


He has a companion known as Pachee, and his allies include Susumu Hori, Chuta Bigbang, and Taizo Hori.


  • His name in Japanese (Hoshi Wataru) basically means "Across the star(s)."
  • In the Japanese versions of most Pokémon games, there's a character named Wataru.

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