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Name Masuyo "Kissy" Tobi
Age Unknown
Birthday December 31
Height 2.5 Drills
Weight Unknown
Blood Type A
First Appearence Baraduke
Latest Appearance Namco High (Robot clone)
Race Asian

Masuyo "Kissy" Toby is a supporting character in the Mr. Driller series. Her very first debut was in Namco's shooting game Baraduke (Alien Sector), where she is known as Kissy. She is the main protagonist of the Baraduke series.

Masuyo is Japanese and closely ressembles Susumu. She has short light brown hair with dark brown eyes. She wears a yellow space bio-suit with orange gloves, blue/green boots and white belts going around her body that connect to a jet pack. Her normal clothes consist of a yellow long-sleeved shirt and an orange skirt.

Masuyo is the mother of Susumu and Ataru. She used to be married with Taizo Hori. But for reasons unknown they separated. She's an ex-soldier of the United Galactic Space Force (UGSF) and took part in the battle of Alien Sector in 1985. Masuyo fought against the Octi King, alongside her partner Takky. She now works as a novelist while raising her son Toby Taiyo, Susumu's younger brother.

She appears in the Mr. Driller games every now and then, as either a profile card or a brief cameo.

Appearances in other gamesEdit

Namco Museum Vol. 5Edit

Masuyo flies down from the sky in the intro while Octi King drilled up underground begin to shoot Octi Beam at Pac-Man & Valkyrie.

Namco X CapcomEdit

in the crossover Namco × Capcom, Masuyo is a character from the Distant Future teamed up with Hiromi Tengenji from Burning Force. They are members of U.G.S.F. that are after the pirate Tron Bonne, but during their pursuit in a planet in Prologue 3, they are all suddenly sent to the Spiritual World by a dimensional transfer. They decide to work together with Tron until they find a way to leave the dimension. In Chapter 12 they manage to find Tron Bonne's airship, the Gesellschaft, by following the energy signature of the Refractor in its engine. The airship was transferred to the Spiritual World alongside part of the Yomi-no-Kuni and the Lake of Blood from the Makai. The player's party also detect the Refractor's energy and finds Masuyo and the others, and they join the group. In Chapter 21, Masuyo meets with Taizo Hori again after a long time, and is at odds with him.

Mr. Driller 2Edit

Masuyo appears in Mr. Driller 2 as a collectable card.

Mr. Driller: Drill LandEdit

In the paride stage, all characters and others from their own game, Masuyo & Paccet fly behind the characters from Star Trigon.

Dig Dug: Digging StrikeEdit

Masuyo appeared in Dig Dug 3, after the game is on the secret ending, while collecting all the fossil in one stage and one other layers. Masuyo was pushing the fangirls out of her path, and stand right behind him. Masuyo drag Taizo far away and have a discussion about all the time what Taizo does, and cause trouble.

Namco HighEdit

"Well, my mom has a friend who goes to Namco High..."
Susumu Hori

Masuyo appeared in Namco High, but she's not there in the game but a data copy machine named Robo-Masuyo from the Evil Namco High, with the Namco-Bots built by Dr. Kubota from Orbyne. In day 5 the robots kidnapped Pac-Man lead him to Evil Namco High.

Other developmentEdit

Masuyo was in ShiftyLook, in the panel of the webcomic lead to Dig Dug & Bravoman, from the artist from this site. Masuyo send an E-mail to Taizo, while he accidentally CC everyone in the building on the animation of Mappy.



  • Before being transplanted into the Mr. Driller series, her original name was just "Kissy".
  • Her name in japanese is actually a word play of the phrase "Tobi de arimasu yo!" which translates to "I can fly!".
    • In Dig Dug Digging Strike she makes an appearence in the secret ending, she was furious because Taizo dumped their appointment and she saw him being surrounded by fangirls.