Star Trigon
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Arcade, Microsoft Windows, and iOS

Release Date

2002 (Arcades in Japan Only), 2008 (iOS), and 2009 (Windows)

Arcade System

System 10


Raster or Portrait Orientation

Star Trigon (スタートリゴン) is an arcade game developed by Project Driller and released by Namco in 2002. It is a spin-off of the Mr. Driller series, as Susumu Hori appears as a playable character. An iOS version and PC version were also released in 2008 and 2009 respectively; the PC version also includes Taizo Hori as a playable character, simply credited as "Dig Dug". The game was later retconed in 2011 for Bandai Namco's "United Galaxy Space Force" video game universe.

Gameplay Edit

200px-Star Trigon gameplay

Screenshot of the tutorial stage featuring Wataru Hoshi

In Star Trigon, players assume the role of Wataru Hoshi, Chuta Bigbang, or Susumu Hori spinning around a planet, having to rescue the uchujins (also known as Space Undergrounders) in time before their air supply runs out. Games in this series have been released for iPod, Windows, and iPhone in addition to the arcade versions.

After a character and stage is selected the player has to save multiple uchujins from aimlessly drifting through outer space by hopping from planet to planet to form triangles, it is saved if the player manages to contain an Uchujin within a triangle. The player will be awarded in-game pickups to increase score and air packets to increase air supply. Star Trigon is simple in only requiring one button, the challenge is timing the jumps from planet to planet and rescuing Uchujins before the air supply is depleted and as your characters are spinning faster and faster without jumping off screen. Along the way new obstacles will help complicate things and add to the challenge of the game like black holes and flares.

Characters Edit

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Wataru Hoshi Edit

The main character in the game. Most people call him "Star Trigon" because of his blue and white theme. He has adequate air supply, lowest speed, and high acceleration.

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Susumu Hori Edit

The main character from Mr. Driller. He has the lowest air supply, moderate speed and slowest acceleration.

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Chuta Bigbang Edit

Wataru's friend. He has the largest air supply, slow initial speed but with highest acceleration. Many adults say that he is their favorite character.

Taizo Hori Edit

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Susumu's father from Dig Dug. Called Dig Dug in the iOS and Windows versions. No one knows his air supply, however his movement speed is reversed; he has the fastest starting movement speed and gradually slows down.