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"Let's dig! Woof!"
Puchi Mr. Driller A

Puchi in Mr. Driller A.

Puchi (プチ Puchi) is Susumu's talking dog companion and sidekick. He made his first appearance in Mr. Driller 2, as seen in the intro cutscene and credits, and then became a playable character in Mr. Driller G. He is voiced by top notch actress Mitsuko Horie, also providing voices for Anna Hottenmeyer and Susumu Hori.

Life and AppearanceEdit

Puchi was abandoned as a little puppy, and Susumu rescued him, and cared for him. Since then, he has lived in Edowaga, Tokyo with Susumu and has been Susumu's closest confidant. Puchi is either a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or Jack Russel Terrier, but no one knows what breed he is. At the end of his sentences, he says "woof" (wan in Japanese) for barking.


Puchi is slower than Susumu, as well as his air consumption. Puchi is quite a fast character, and uses his claws to dig blocks.


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