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Template:FeaturedPacteria (パクテリア Pakuteria) are tiny organisms featured in the Fushigi na Pacteria mode of Mr. Driller Ace: The Wonderful Pacteria. They grow as you drill blocks and there are over 150 different species of Pacteria.


You will get your first Pacteria when you begin Fushigi na Pacteria. When you begin, the egg will appear and hatch into a baby Pacteria. It will grow as you drill blocks throughout the course of the game and you can change form by using Mewstones. Be careful though, upon beating the final stage, you will lose it and get a new one.

Role in the GamesEdit

In Mr. Driller Ace: The Wonderful Pacteria, scientists tried to find these creatures. But due to the color of their skin matching, the color of the blocks underground are hard to find and are extremely rare. Upon beating the Valkyrie Ruins stage. You will find a new mewstone and Dr. Z will inform you that an experiment has gone horribly wrong with the new pacteria they discovered. While traveling back to Edogawa, Tokyo, the city is covered in flames and there is a giant pacteria eating the buildings (similar to Godzilla). Then you will feed your pacteria the new mewstone you got. Then your pacteria will change into a angelic being who summons all the pacteria from all over the world to sacrifice them and itself to destroy the giant pacteria.