Boxart of the Mr. Driller G Playstation port.

Mr. Driller G is the third game in the Mr. Driller series and a sequel to Mr. Driller 2. It was released into Japanese arcades and was ported to the Sony PlayStation only for Japan. The game introduced new playable characters to the series- Taizo Hori, Ataru HoriHolinger-Z, and Usagi (the later being only available in the PlayStation port). Modes included Mission Driller, 2P Driller, Time Attack, and new modes, Scenario Driller and Net Driller.


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Other CharactersEdit

Mission DrillerEdit

Mission Driller remains identical to it's incarnation from previous installments. While drilling, air will decrease and air capsules will be scattered throughout the stages. A life will be lost if air runs out or if the player gets crushed by blocks.


  • India (500 M)
  • America (1000 M)
  • Egypt (2000 M)
  • North Pole (Available if Egypt if beaten, 2000 M)
  • Endless

Scenario DrillerEdit

This mode is only playable in the PlayStation version. The mode introduced Dristones to the series. The game play is different than regular gameplay. Every time a block is drilled, 1% of air is taken away. If you are crushed by a block, 20% of air will be lost. Air capsules will restore your air by 20%. There are five episodes.