Mr. Driller is the first game in Namco's Mr. Driller series first released in arcades, then ported to numerous platforms. 
Mr. Driller flyer

Mr. Driller promotional poster.


In the year 20XX, many different colored blocks begin to burst out of the ground, so the city calls in Susumu Hori, nicknamed "Mr. Driller" to solve the trouble.


Since the game is the first in the series, players can only take control of Susumu. There are two difficulties of gameplay. a 500m run (with 5 floors of blocks) and a 1000m run (with 10 floors), which if the later is completed, the player is shown the game's ending.

Players begin on the 0m mark and proceeds to drill through colored blocks (red, blue, yellow, and green) that explode upon contact with Susumu's drill. If any other blocks of the same color are attached to the block prior to it being destroyed, it will disappear as well. Once the player reaches the end of a floor, the player then drills through a large green block, which also destroys all the blocks above it, clearing the way for the next section. Once the player drills through 5 or 10 floors, based on the game mode selected, the player is given additional points based on his/her performance, and if he/she scored well enough, they can then enter their name or initials into the top 10 high scores chart.

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