Into Action!

Episode Title

Into Action!

First Appearance

Mr. Driller G

Latest Appearance

Mr. Driller G

Characters Starred

Susumu, Anna, Puchi, Dr. Z, Taiyo

Into Action is the first of the five available episodes of Mr. Driller G.


Cutscene 1Edit

After Susumu was inspecting his drill, he asked Puchi if he could come over to Anna's house to play. When they arrive, Susumu greets her and puts his hand out in front of Anna. She rapidly punches Susumu. After the events, they run down to Dr. Z's lab for a Driller Race.

Cutscene 2Edit

After Susumu has won, Dr. Z gets a notice about blocks that are overrunning Paris. Susumu and Anna are taken over to Paris to take care of this situation. Susumu had to go because he won the Driller Race.

Cutscene 3Edit

When Susumu has hit bedrock (the bottom of the block outbreak), he meets an Ankoku Driller named Keel. He challenges him to a Driller Race to get the key to stop the blocks.

Cutscene 4Edit

After Susumu has won, Keel goes into rage and hands over the key. After he leaves, they say that they got this situation removed.


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