Name Holinger-Z
Age Unknown
Birthday, Built June 22, 1995
Height 2.5 Drills
Weight 4 Drills
Blood Type Oil
First Appearence Mr. Driller G
"All Systems Go!"

The Holinger-Z is a character in the Mr. Driller series, first introduced in Mr. Driller G.

He is a semi-human-shaped robot with a head, body, arms, and no feet. His head is grey and has a face-plate screen and two spikes on the sides. His body is also grey with two red buttons. His arms have two large claws on the ends, and has a smooth, round bottom that can be replaced with a large drill.

Holinger-Z is a robot specially made to do tough or dangerous drilling missions. He is able to function even if the head is destroyed. He was built in the driller lab by Dr. Z. Although he is a robot, he tends to be very clumsy and makes a lot of mistakes. He lives with Anna Hottenmeyer and works as her "maid" robot, doing housework (and often messing up).


The Holinger-Z plays identically to others, but can survive being squashed by a block once by detaching it's head to support up the blocks, allowing the Holinger-Z to continue drilling with just it's body. A second squash will result in death. This does not allow him to survive running out of air.


  • Holinger-Z's name is based on the anime Mazinger-Z .