Dig Dug (ディグダグ) is the first game of the Dig Dug series. The main protagonist of the game is Taizo Hori (nicknamed as "Dig Dug") who digs and kills Pookas and Fygars with his drill/pump. There were many ports on many different consoles.

While the game itself was introduced years before the Mr. Driller series, it is still considered an important addition as it features the future father of Susumu Hori and Ataru Hori.



Artwork of Taizo inflating an enemy Pooka.

Gameplay consists primarily of digging and killing enemies. There are two types of enemies: Pookas-round, red monsters, and Fygars- green dragons with red wings that breath fire. Each block of dirt is worth 10 points. You gain 1000 points by killing an enemy with a rock. Enemies can turn into ghostly eyes and go through dirt. The last monster to live will panic and try to escape. More points are gained by killing monsters further down in the dirt.

Gameplay gets more difficult every time the player advances to the next round. After the player finishes Round 255, a kill screen is triggered on the 256th round (round 0) where a Pooka is placed directly over top the player. With no way of killing it, the player simply dies.