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Name Chuta BigBang
Age Unknown (October 10th, 1987)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
First Appearence Star Trigon
Latest Appearence Mr. Driller Drill Land
Race Asian

Chuta Bigbang (ビックバン宙太 Bikkuban Chuta) is a member of the Star Trigon Team.

Due to his viral consumption of curry donuts, he is very fat. His suit nearly resembles Wataru's uniform, but has an orange and grey theme to it. His helmet is different than Wataru's helmet.

Chuta is only playable in Star Trigon and it's ports; his only direct appearance in the Mr. Driller series is through a cameo in Drill Land.


Compared to Wataru, Chuta accelerates to maximum speed at a slower rate, however he has a higher air consumption rate- the second highest of all the characters in the game.