Blocks are the core gameplay feature of the Mr. Driller series. In all modes of the series, gameplay involves destroying these to progress further downwards in a floor. There are several varieties of blocks (with some being specific to a certain gamemode). All of them are capable of causing a crush death if one lands directly on top of the Player.

In the story of the Mr. Driller games, these are considered food for the Undergrounders.

Block TypesEdit

Colored BlockEdit

Colored Blocks are the most common type of block present, and can be featured in two, three, or four colors on each floor: Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red/Purple. Drilling into one causes it to instantly be destroyed (with Taizo Hori "popping" these blocks slightly faster), taking any block of the same color that is attached to it. If no blocks are present below a Colored Block and any other blocks it may be connected to, it is affected by gravity and falls downwards until it either hits a Block that's in place or links up with another Color Block(s) of the same color. If four Colored Blocks are linked together when they cease falling, they will instantly be destroyed.

X BlockEdit

X Blocks serve as hazards and are differentiated from colored blocks for their brown colorization and X-mark. It takes five drills to shatter one open, and upon being destroyed the block releases toxic fumes that engulf the player and drain 20% of the player's Air, forcing these to not drilled unless the player has no other way out. On later floors, X Blocks will often be found surrounding Air Capsules, encouraging the player to find strategic ways of removing them to reveal the Air Capsule inside. Like Colored Blocks, X Blocks will link together with other X Blocks and instantly combust if four are linked together after a fall.

In Dristone Driller, X Blocks do not drain 20% of the player's Air when destroyed, though the player will still lose 5% air from the amount required to destroy one.

White BlocksEdit

White Blocks are blocks that are completely independent from Colored Blocks in that they do not link with other White blocks and continue freely falling if there is space available for them. In some scenarios, they can be double their size, covering a 2x2 space instead of one.

Crystal BlocksEdit

Crystal Blocks are a special variety of block. Once generated, these blocks will instantly shatter themselves afterwards, possibly causing blocks above them to fall.

Hard BlocksEdit

Hard Blocks only appear in Time Trial modes; these link up much like Color and X Blocks, however they cannot be destroyed, leaving them as an obstacle that must be avoided.