Anna is a Girl!

Episode Title

Anna is a Girl!

First Appearance

Mr. Driller G

Latest Appearance

Mr. Driller G

Characters Starred

Anna, Sheeta, Eguri

Previous Episode

Into Action!

Anna is a Girl! is the second to one of the five available episodes of Mr. Driller G.


Cutscene 1Edit

Anna goes on vacation to meet Sheeta from Elete Driller School. Sheeta tells Anna there is a prom. Anna decides to go, but Sheeta tells her to prepare for the dressup of her life. When they get to the prom, Sheeta announces that their guest of honor (Anna) has arrived. She appears completely dressed up like everyone else. A boy asks her to dance with her. Right after they begin to dance, blocks begin to overrun New York. Everyone screams in panic. Anna quickly slips out of her costume and goes into driller action. She says that she will take part of this situation.

Cutscene 2Edit

After Anna has hit bedrock (the bottom of the block outbreak), she meets an Ankoku Driller named Eguri. She usually calls herself Tiara, but her bird companion calls her by her real name, but she needs to stop her from doing that. They begin a Driller Race to hand the key over to Anna.

Cutscene 3Edit

After Anna wins the race, Eguri yells "KIIIIII!" for the first time. It was shameful, and Eguri hands over the key to Anna. After Anna gets back to the surface, Sheeta celebrates to Anna saying it was gone now. Right when Anna was about to leave New York, Sheeta tells that her figure in a gown is pretty.


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WARNING: The transcript contains some crude language. Reader discretion is advised.